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Clean damp proofing

  • The healthiest damp proofing solution
  • Allows your damp proof walls to breathe
  • Ensures clean air and a healthy living enviroment

Do you have ugly patches on your walls? Over a million people in the UK suffer from health issues related to damp problems in the house. Rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation in walls are very common issues and need to be treated. A dry and comfortable living environment is essential for your health. Schrijver System® damp proofing is the cleanest damp proofing product out there. Unlike common damp proofing products Schrijver System® damp control actively removes damp from your walls. It ensures that your walls keep their ability to breathe, which  ensures clean and healthy air. And in turn this creates a healthy living environment with the perfect indoor relative humidity. Our damp  specialists are ready to help you!

Green damp proofing

  • Damp proofing, the green way
  • Works with natural airflows
  • Our damp specialists use renewable sources only

The Schrijver System® is a clever Dutch damp proofing solution for your home or other type of property. Inspired by nature, the Schrijver System® relies purely on the natural airflow to treat damp walls. The Schrijver System® damp proofing specialists exclusively use renewable sources. And unlike other types of  damp proofing solutions, no harmful chemicals. In addition to that, the Schrijver System damp proofing solution will last you a lifetime. We, as the Schrijver System damp proofing specialists are concerned about our common future. Since 1982 our damp proofing specialists have been treating damp in an environmentally friendly manner. Our whole philosophy is green. Damp proofing, the green way.

Carefree damp proofing

  • Minimal inconvenience during the installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Lasts a lifetime

Do you have damp problems in your home? Then Schrijver System® damp proofing is just what you are looking for! The Schrijver System® actively removes damp from your walls. Unlike other damp proofing solutions, it balances the relative humidity of your walls and your living environment. This is made possible because with the Schrijver Sytem the walls are not sealed of from the outside air. And because the Schrijver System® is installed to the outside of your home you will experience minimal inconvenience. It works direct and lasts a lifetime, no maintenance needed. This is the solution if you are looking for the healthiest and greenest damp proofing product. Contact the Schrijver System damp proofing specialists now!